Andrew Woodward, Day three

On the left is Europe, on the right is Australia

Key points
Ab. engagement with the local country dates back 22k years and possibly 50k years
Ab. cultural inclusion in WH listing credentials would give traditional owners a greater say in its future use.
The frequency of the burn of depends on the type of veg and aspect, eg, west or east facing.
Great variation between east and west facing habitats.
Country is having too much fire to remove fuel. “It is making country sick”.
Previous uses in BM: Sand mining, farms, cattle, driving learning,
Current issues: mountain bike track network 20 kms, pig doggers, horse riding, lantana.
Needs: cultural burning.
Ab. language: White: I am going to the fire. Ab: The fire I am going to.
Ab. approach to land management varied on the place… Winds, temperature, time of year, etc.
“it’s the role of the environmental Manager to speak on behalf of the plants and animals.”
A good environment manager is a facilitator, negotiator and alalyser.
The wicked problem – hard to define the problem, let alone solve it.
Opportunities for crowd funding of recreational activities.
Fires burn at different heats and heights.
Ab. Australia has 600 cultures and not one fence
Blue Mountains is the most visited Ab. Place in Australia.
An invasive plant or native plant not found in the area is a weed.
On one side of this track is Europe, one the other side is Europe – see the picture.

Key new things
Bio-banking. Take this, then give back that. Like regulation in, regulation out by Tony Blair.
Much of the habitat depends on aspect, east and west facing
What is the role of an environmental manager

Further investigation
Need to know more about bio banking
Need to understand what is an isn’t possible in the hierarchy of parks… WH, state parks, preservation areas, etc.
There’s a lot white Australia could learn from Aboriginals in terms of philosophy. Eg. 40k years of existence and not one fence, moat or castle.
I need to work on a positioning statement as an environmentalist: Working draft: As an environmentalist, I speak on behalf of planet earth and its inhabitants so that everyone and everything lives happily and in harmony for another million years with a minimal negative impact and high quality living for all people, plants and animals.


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