Andrew Woodward, Day Five

Key points
Waste single largest budget item for third of Council expenditure is on waste.
BMCC is good on community consultation and elected officials, while not green party candidates, get environmental issues.
Scenic World operates in its own world. Yrs it is popular, yrs it informs. But it is there for its owners and not the wider good.
Fire management plans cover heritage, ecological, infrastructure and aboriginal sites
Bushfire management plan, reviewed every 12 months or after every major incident, had one for every local government area.
Focus is life, property and the environment
Successful community projects: Need Community, Funds and support from Council and Grants

Key new things
Waste management is a huge budgetary burden for local government
Don’t take environ protection or sympathy for granted from business or tourism operators.
“Animals and plants don’t recognise lines on maps”
BM listed as the worse bushfire listed place in the world
Community groups play a big role in local environ projects
Pollution traps are like moats around a mini eco system

Further investigation
Reports on people and sustainability, moods

Summary thought
This week validated my decision to pursue an interest in environmental affairs. It is such a necessay, interesting, intellectually challenging, inspiring, nourishing and important thing to be involved with.

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