Ivy Tan DAY 1

Before this class, I did not consider the seriousness of Australian ecosystem. As far as I am concerned, Australia is a country with all kinds of landscapes as well as a great variety of ecosystems, which includes forest, ocean and so on. Besides, I learned from other courses that the more and complex the system is, the more stable it will be. In addition, I thought the environmental pollution in Australia has been under control under the government compared to other countries. Take China as an example, we can rarely see the blue skies or breath clean air, let alone the pollution in drinking water. As I came here, there is no denying the fact that Australia has done a far better job than us. Furthermore, the residents here are actually protecting the animals so that we can observe all kinds of birds on the street or in the parks, which is unimaginable in my hometown.


It really shocked me that the animals in Australia are also at the risk of dying out too . We learned in this course that it is because it is isolated since breakaway from Antarctica for forty-five million years and current climate change. So I come to realize that we can not consider the problem of ecosystem as an isolated one. It is actually a global issue that needs to be dealt with by the environmentalists from all over the world. So it is necessary for us to look at the problem more globally. That is to say, we should never only look at domestic problems in our own countries. We should see and think more broadly to learn more details about the issue. In addition, the environmentalist from all over the world should work together to tackle the worldwide problem of environmental pollution because it is all related from different parts of the world. Although nowadays, the people are more likely to deal with their own environmental problems, but I think it is a trend that all the environmentalists will work together globally to deal with the problem.


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