Ivy Tan DAY 2

Today, what really shocked me is the fact that the bush fires do have some benefits to the ecosystem. I was narrow-minded before and thought that the fires are not good. Under all circumstances should it be put out immediately. As a environmental student, I did not think of the biodiversity, but only considered the personal property and livelihood security as a resident. After the introduction of the case study on bush fire, now I come to realize that it is not always true and sometimes we need to follow the nature’s choice and let it be and try to achieve the win-win situation for both the property ,livelihood security and biodiversity conservation alike.


Another one is that the Australian government has taken actions to reduce the carbon output in the blue mountains by controlling the transportation, accommodation, food and beverage as well as events. Compared to the Chinese government, we never really realize how severe is the environmental problem even though we are under such a dangerous condition. The government has tried all means to attract tourists from all over the world to increase the government income without considering the environmental impact to the natural places of interests. Taking the Yellow Mountain in China as an example, the local government has built stairs to make it easy for tourists to hike. In addition, they also establish all kinds of luxury hotels to attract the rich people and further increase their income. Furthermore, they have developed all kinds of transportation methods to make it easier for the tourists without thinking about the pollution it creates and the carbon dioxide it releases, which is a great shame. In this way, the technology does not help us protect our living environment but it does the opposite way. On this aspect, we should really learn from the Australian government.


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