Ivy Tan Day 3

Today, I learned more about the bush fire through the speeches of Den and other staff. They actually have a cultural burn to make the people from all over the country to learn more about the bush fire and exchange their valves. According to Den, the cultural burn will be set up on the right time, the right direction and also depending on the weather condition. And the aim of the cultural burn is to make the residents think broader and know more about the country and the climate, which I think is a very practical method to promote the awareness of the bush fire. Because people are acknowledging the certain action through their own practice, instead of hearing from somebody else or textbooks. In this way, they can actually see the whole process and get to know how it works and the stuff can explain the certain phenomena by the specific views. That is a real action which will arise residents’ interests.

I would say it is a bold try because I have never heard about Chinese government doing that. I guess the reason behind this is that the Chinese government has not realized the importance of bush fire. To them, the property of the residents should always be put in the first place and they do not want to risk trying to damage people’s lives. Another reason is that they do not realize that the bush fire can be safe on a small scale if it is under certain control by the staff. So as far as I am concerned, we still need to do more research about the bush fire and its impact on the environment and the people’s property and implement better ways to make the public be aware.

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