Ivy Tan Day 4

Today we listened to the lecture of Sandy Holmes. She mainly talked about the children in the twenty-first century do not have the time to go outdoors like the children in the 70s. And then she showed us a video explaining the reason why they tend to be staying at home rather than playing outside and embracing the beauty of the nature.

I was really moved by the video. Because I think I am the last generation that have the opportunity to play outside. However, as I am growing older, I tend to stay more at home and be in front of the screen for the whole day. I feel lucky that I parents are the people who also love the nature and would be willing to sacrifice their time to company me to play in the parks although they are concerned with my safety. It is ironic that we are always taught by our teachers from primary school to protect our living environment for the sake of ourselves and our children. But just take a look at our next generation, most of whom are spending their time in front of electrical devices. I was wondering how can they know about the environment and fall in love with the beautiful land without actually spending their time with it. I guess it is not a problem within Australia, it is the same all around the world. On the one hand , we adults claim to our children to protect the environment for them, on the other hand , we are sometimes too lazy or lack our patience to company them and really tell them some knowledge about out environment.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem, it is us, adults who should take actions in the first place. We should set examples for our children not to play with our electrical devices the whole day and try to get close to the outside world more often. We cannot all blame our children for their behaviors because young children often imitate ours at first. As far as I am concerned, only if we begin to pay our attention to the problem and try to make a change, there is every possibility that we can fix the problem eventually. Also it is actually great for the development of our children. Because according to the video, the children who spend more time outside the classroom tend to have better academic performance compared to those who are sitting indoors more.

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