Ivy Yiling Tan DAY 5

Today we heard the talk of a staff working in the Blue Mountain. He is a businessman. And when he talked about protecting the environment, he mainly talked about his children, rather than our children. Obviously, he is a businessman, but it really surprised me that he really cares so little about our environment. So I guess it is not an individual reaction, instead it is a representative of a large group of people. They only care about their own business without realizing that the environment is the basic element for us all to survive on this planet. That is to say, we can do nothing without the harmonious of our environment. Then it reminds me of the time when we talked about biodiversity. It was such a shame that most people do not even know about what biodiversity is. They even think it is a kind of washing powder. As a student of environmental management, we already know something about this, but what about the rest of the big society? It is far more not enough to only know about the environmental issues only by ourselves. As far as I am concerned, it should be our responsibility to promote the awareness of protecting the environment. We should be the pioneers in this specific field to promote public awareness.

There are some people who do love and care about our living environment. So that is why they choose to live within the Blue Mountain even if they may under the risk of facing the problem of bushfire. As for these people who actually love the environment, it is our responsibility to also to teach them how to protect themselves from the potential of bushfire and other related environmental problems.

Therefore, as environmental students, we still have a lot to do. We should not only promote the general principles of the environment to the whole public, but also educate the people who do care about the environment to protect themselves from the potential danger that the environment may pose.

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