Day 4-Eileen

Day 4, Oct. 27th

People nowadays are suffering from nature deficit disorder. Children are separated from nature. The most severe problem of this is that next generation would lost the knowledge and appreciation of nature. When we talking about environmental conservation, we always find public awareness is an essential part of it. Yet for the people who never have close touch with nature, it’s hard to imagine that they will care much about it. Also for the children, engage with nature will increase their physical and mental ability. For example, after playing in nature, most the kids will have an increase of their concentration. These benefits turn out to be major motivation of parents having their kids have an Eco-tourism.

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The bush walk in the afternoon is exciting but exhausting. The most fascinating thing is the walk track built in various period. Most of the track follow the traditional way opened by aboriginal people. It’s hard to imagine how much to be put to maintain those tracks especially when the bush walk activity has no charge at all. With Eco-tourism becoming more and more popular, there will be more cost for managing national park and other conservation area. Purely depend on government budget will loss independence and power for national park and other organization. Hence there has to be a way to link the tourism and management together to have a sustainable development of local nature land.

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In the afternoon, I gained lot valuable information about prescribed burning and fire management in world heritage center. The priority of them is also protection of lives and property. Other sub-objectives include conservation of biodiversity. Prescribed burning is to set a prescription of when, where and how to conduct a fire depending on different vegetation, weather and other conditions. To achieve different objectives, different regimes of fire will be decided. The regime include:

  • frequency of burn
  • intensity of burn
  • season of burn
  • extend of burn

Also there are other techniques in relation to conduct a prescribed burning, e.g. create stops and boundary with nature landscape such as river and cliff, or artificial isolation strip.

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