Day 5- Eileen

Day 5, Oct. 28th

Last night was really fun for visiting the native animal protection village. (not sure about the name) It was the first time I touch kangaroo and wallaby. And I finally saw Dingo that look really like normal dog but more strong and clever. I think this program is a good example of how to get funding by engaging with local tourism. Membership is an important source of funding, but I think the way to run a restaurant and attract people coming there, having dinner and learning something about local threatened species can help not only the program but also the education of people about protecting our species.

Featured image           Featured image

Manager we met on morning gave nice talk and shared lots of things including water and waste management. the blue mountain council is unique because it locates inside of world heritage site and there are 72 thousand people living in BM. The management of city therefore should be more careful about the impact on nature environment.

The main method of waste treatment is land filling. Even though they try many ways to reduce the impact by recycling and other methods, I still feel that this way is a problematic way to treat waste. Especially when he said that there is no organic waste treatment in BM, I think there’s still a lot to be done.

The case study he mention of New York is very interesting. Systematic thinking is not only important for waste management but every aspect of environmental management. For example, bushfire management usually focus on hazard reduction and try to prevent fire as much as possible. However, like the waste case, focusing only on the problem without understanding the whole system will make the management or solution very expansive and ineffective. As we learned before and during this field, people should fully understand the ecosystem and try to reduce the impact or disturbance on it. After that, in the most cases, nature will do it jobs and manage environment in more efficient way.

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