Andrew Woodward, Day Six – Monday

We were asked to list our in hindsight thoughts.

Overall comments

Thanks for a great week with awesome people, logistics, content and presentation.

My takeouts from the week and group presentations are:
This is worth fighting for
This is very complex
Parts of the Blue Mountains will may become unlivable
Many people wouldn’t know that the BM is a WHLA Blue Mountains is a world heritage listed area
The BMWHLA Blue Mountains world heritage listed area is under significant threat from climate change

I also reaffirm my two statements from the previous week (and in previous blogs):

This week validated my decision to pursue an interest in environmental affairs. It is such a necessay, interesting, intellectually challenging, inspiring, nourishing and important thing to be involved with.

I need to work on a positioning statement as an environmentalist: Working draft: As an environmentalist, I speak on behalf of planet earth and its inhabitants so that everyone and everything lives happily and in harmony for another million years with a minimal negative impact and high quality living for all people, plants and animals.

Thank you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. rchapple2014 says:

    Andrew, what does ‘LA’ (WHLA?) stand for? It is actually the ‘Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area’.
    Perhaps we should say ‘parts of’ the BM “may” become unlivable, rather than “will”.
    Deeply delighted you were so inspired by the course.

    1. Andrew Woodward says:

      World heritage listed area

    2. Andrew Woodward says:

      Good point re will and may.

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