Day 2, Oct. 25th

In morning, some basic problems and situation of blue mountain management are introduced to us. As a world heritage, blue mountain now is attracting tourists from all over the world. However, it is an uncommon phenomenon to see that while the tourists increasing, the funding for national park management is declining. Unlike other national parks in other area of the world, blue mountain has no entry fee or any tax charged from relative tourism business. Yet with increase number of tourists will put more pressure on nature conservation, and make the management more difficult with limited budget. In class, we discussed several way to gain profit from tourism including parking fee, tax and entry fee, etc. Some of them do not need to cooperate with other business. But seems like whether or not to charge people in national park cannot be decided by national park.

Another interesting topic is Dingo as a threatened native species. As a top predator, Dingo plays an important role in maintain the ecosystem. It can protect local small mammals by threaten cats and foxes away. Yet I was told that Dingo do not necessarily eat cats and foxes, and I was wondering that what is the main prey of Dingo?

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