Day 3, Oct. 26th

Today is the first day of field trip and we first meet aboriginal people at Yellomunde regional park. They tell us about co-management with local council. The relationship between aboriginal group and city council is interesting. Are the representatives really have the power to impact the decision made by council?  And are those representatives really “represent” the aboriginal group since there are so many different aboriginal countries live in blue mountains.

Also they tell us about culture burning and lead us to the site of burns. It is clear that burning is effective way to open up spaces and change the vegetation communities of the area. Also the involvement of volunteer is an impressive program for it gives people chance to learn and understand the behavior of fire.

While in the bush work this afternoon, the ecologist said something different about culture burning. Seems like people invited to guide the culture burning is from Victoria where the vegetation and condition are different from local’s. They way aboriginal people conduct bushfire don’t involve many scientific knowledge and hence the outcomes will be questionable.

These different two attitude shows how burning can be used differently for different objectives. Yet as to the aboriginal group, they don’t need to meet all the ecologists and other part of stakeholders before they conduct culture burning. For them, it is the traditional way of how they manage their land and spread their culture.

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