Welcome 2015 Research Interns!

Welcome to our group of research interns for the course IEST5004 in Semester 1, 2015. This year we have four students undertaking research internships as part of the course:

– Alexandra Auhl
– Candice Johnsun
– Emma Norrie
– Nicholas Phoon

Over coming weeks we can look forward to blogs from each intern on their projects, charting the progress of their thinking around their chosen topic, along with any relevations they make and challenges they face during the research process.

Stay posted…

Dr Alex Baumber

2 Comments Add yours

  1. husky6actual says:

    Thanks for the welcome Alex … look forward to the program, sharing my thoughts and hearing the blogs from Alexandra, Candice and Emma over the coming weeks.

  2. Alex Auhl says:

    Hi Alex, Candice, Emma and Nicholas,

    Thanks Alex for your welcome note and the introduction to WordPress.

    My name is Alexandra, and I will always try to use my full name to avoid any confusion with Dr Baumber.

    I am currently working on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Michigan, USA. It will be a State-specific project, as the State’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has requested primacy over Class II injection wells, which are used for the disposal of wastewater that is produced during the fracking process. The Federal EPA currently has primary enforcement responsibility.

    I am really looking forward to following everyone’s blogs and progress.

    Best of luck everyone!


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