Framing the Issue: Unit 2

I thought the guest speaker this week, Laura was great at capturing the foundations of framing an issue. I thought it was interesting when an issue is framed that it is important to interpret what the dominant frame is including the ‘winner loser frame’. A fellow student and myself discussed this frame in the break in relation to power plays in the workplace and operating in an industry such as mining that is dominated by politics and the ‘what’s in it for me?’ mentality. Framing is important in the way that an issue is presented as framing can influence the way that something is interpreted and either rejected or accepted. Re-framing an issue can help to resolve a conflict by demonstrating the actual risk involved in something and thereby changing the way someone thinks. The reframing of issues could be important in the future in working towards the adoption of policy that would otherwise not sit variably in the public eye. Current re-framing of the mining issue towards the creation of jobs is an example of how framing can play a crucial role in the public perception and acceptance of an issue.

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