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When I saw the military parade of China recently , I found that show lineup of huge military aircraft , but a thing deserved mentioned. It is the smog released by the flight .

Pollution has soared to hazardous levels in Beijing, reaching 20 times the limit recommended by the World Health Organisation. Smog is a significant part of pollution.Smog is mainly caused by emissions from human creations such as cars and factories, smog is hazardous chemicals and toxic matter released into the Earth’s atmosphere. While there are numerous causes of smog ,  industries are considered a prime source.

Industrial smog occurs when the smoke and sulfur dioxide produced from burning coal merges with fog and creates a yellowish-brown-colored haze close to ground level. Industrial smog pollutes the air around us and sulfur dioxide, its main pollutant, causes acid precipitation, which is damaging the environment.
The phenomenon is serious, who have the responsibility to control it , now it is the time to think about it .

Is that industry themselves not control it ? the answer is neutral. Some industries try to  switch to low-sulfur coal would reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. Power companies have opposed the switch, citing the high cost of implementation and cost to the consumer. But on the other side for consider industries themselves, who pay for this high -techniques ? Government subside or themselves . Everyone try to use the lowest money and get the biggest profile .This is the economic market principle . But if some small industry to operate the high price of instrument to reduce the toxic

molecule , they maybe on a deficit level. This situation is that they not wish to be happened. So when we criticize industry we also need to consider government if have already try their best to subside  or control by themselves.

Like this military parade of China. Everyone know it is a time for this country to show the powerful military force , it is the embodiment of the national capacity. the colorful smog released by the flight is catch up with people’s eye. Can u image how much of smog will be create in this progress ? people just remember the gorgeous moment, forgetting the hazard of these smog treat on people’s health.

So in my opinion , there is a lot way to show a country’s ability and capability . Or maybe reduce the time of showing the flight it is a god choice .

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  1. iest5003blog says:

    Hi Jing,

    I have reviewed this blog post and you raise some very interesting points about air pollution in China.

    To strengthen your post I would suggest that you could provide some links to websites or news articles about the pollution problem to support your argument. You could also have inserted a picture of the parade to show the smog that you are talking about. If you decide to do this for future blog posts please make sure you reference the sources correctly.

    I would also suggest that you keep a close eye on your spelling, grammar and punctuation, as your argument was quite disjointed in a few places due to a few mistakes.

    I’d recommend you revisit the marking Rubric (page 5 of the blog assessment sheet on Moodle). I’ve included the Content and Creativity section below for you:

    Postings provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about the topic by
    – building a focused argument around a specific issue; or
    – asking a new related question; or
    – making an oppositional statement supported by personal experience or related research

    Postings present a focused and cohesive viewpoint that is substantiated by effective supporting examples or links to relevant, up-to-date websites or documents that enhance the information presented.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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