unit 7

China forest industry in Liao ning province.


Forest are the lifeblood of human life as we know it , and China forestry is a leading forestry company in China with tremendous growth potential.


China forest industry in Liao ning province. Southern part of China’s northeast .4,641 thousand hectare .31.84% forest coverage. Over 80% are distributed in the eastern part

In Greater Khingan Mountains, Soil erosion 740 mm , average with 80% falls in July and August before the payment scheme project

– Forest coverage increased from 77% in 2005 to 79% in 2008

– Growth of stock accelerated by 5.4% in 2008

– Yong and middle aged trees dominate (92%)

– Main threats to public benefit forest: pests and disease

The mission of Liao ning province is that achieve our goals by applying modern forestry science and technologies. Become a highly profitable yet socially responsible and environmentally- conscious company.

sustainable forest management (SFM)

It is focused on integrating consideration of environmental, social and economic values into an adaptive management system that lies within biological capacity of an ecosystem . In addition , engaging in the physical trading of timber logs and have implemented comprehensive policies to control the risks involved.



Why we against logging native forests?

The climate change already across the landscape ,trees are dying. In addition , diseases are degrading and killing trees. The economic costs of logging are another good reason to stop. Some of the logging companies have been making only about one per cent on their investment and a business can’t continue on that basis. Already it is clear that the Government wants to maintain unsustainable levels of logging.

A question of it . Looking at state forestry departments and their use of tax monies. Then their losses each year I think its high time an independent audit was done as to where that money has actually gone. The fact that both parties keep pouring money down the drain to this industry makes me wonder if they have set it up as their own private slush or pension fund within this system. Audit now!

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