Blog 6 – ‘Etienne Croteau, I know that guy!’

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This week, I came across a new article about an old friend of mine that had moved up to Yellowknife and developed a housing project called ‘Tiny House Community’. I was sincerely blown away, someone I knew, someone that shared the same ideas and values as I did, was doing something to change the world. Let me elaborate on how his tiny house project correlates with this weeks lecture.

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Etienne decided that what was best for the residents of Yellowknife were small, compact, safe homes, so developed a proposal of a community made up of small, compact, safe homes. For his proposal, Etienne followed the ‘rational model’ of decision-making.

  • Goal: Counter high living costs, wasted electricity for heating in the cold winter, bear attacks, useless excessive living, and high environmental footprint.
  • In speaking with him, he came up with 3 models for his houses; one was bigger, had more room but was unsafe because of ladders and the risk of toppling over in heavy winds, one was smaller, great for everything he was trying to achieve but just too small to be confortable in, and one medium sized, the one he finally chose.
  • The consequences were laid out along side the benefits and weighed out accordingly.
  • The best-suited house was chosen for the project.

We are quickly moving into uncharted territories when it comes to environmental management, and rational models of decision-making will not only benefit social and business models, they may also help save the world.

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