The Environmental Decision Making Process

I find the environmental decision making process quite an intriguing one. It has always been interesting to me that there are so many standards that guide the way the people think, treat and react to the environment and its issues and crises particularly economic based decision making over science-based.

Watching how governments and people have developed overtime in regards to environmental issues has been quite fascinating, but also quite sad. We have really not come very far at all. With all the evidence that is in front of us, we still cannot seem to see the benefit of protecting and setting up procedures to protect the future of our planet. For example, deforestation, this is one man’s money and one man’s home and unfortunately money always seem to win over nature.

I think moving forward, especially with the way that we respond and react to environmental issues and the decision making process behind these that there needs to be more of a focus on a global standard. Things need to become about prevention, rather than dealing with something on the spot once its occurred. This is how the environmental decision making process should be focused. On prevention rather than protection.

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