Week 2

Unit 3 Framing the issue.


This topic highlighted the link between peoples perceptions an values and implementing environmental decision making. I was already aware from previous course the morals and judgments people have impact their environmental decision making.  The content created a different view point of not just critiquing different people’s perspectives but established the viewpoint that you are an environmental manager dealing with these scenarios. Although understanding an implementing such tools as PESTEL gives insight into action needed to engage in complex environmental decisions. The wide variety of frameworks used for addressing environmental issues made me realise there would be not set formula for implementing environmental decisions but instead would require your own analysis and interpretation of the decision. I struggled with grasping the extent of social construct that encompasses such a variety of aspects that are incorporated into EDM. The social factors can be interpreted into many different sub categories that add more information and I struggle to comprehend if there could be or should be a cut off for the extent of social influences for environmental decision making.

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