What do I really know?

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I always thought that I was a very rational fact driven person. That facts and scientific discoveries formed my view on how the world works. I didn’t necessarily always agree with how the world works from a moral or ethical standpoint but I knew what was right and wrong factually speaking. Or did I. I’d still like to think so although after that lecture it makes me wonder if that’s the case.

During the lecture when we were told that people can totally ignore facts which contradict their world view, opinions or beliefs. As soon as I heard that I automatically thought of my dad and the various (for lack of a better word) stories he tells me about the real reasons for global warming. How the hole in the ozone layer is caused by the centrifugal action of the rotating planet. How the melting ice is caused by soot on the ice which attracts the heat since its dark, therby making the ice melt. How even if the icecaps do melt the water level won’t change because when water freezes it expands. It all has a weird logic to it but it doesn’t fit with my world view, opinion or beliefs so I discard his arguments.

So the question comes to mind. Am I really as logical and rational thinking as I thought or do I to pick and choose the information that backs my argument?

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