Public participation and stakeholder input

Looking at the key concepts that revolve around public participation,  we can identify the varying levels that are involve with public participation and who the stakeholders can be for environmental decisions. We can identify a connection between public participation and knowledge within EDM. Public participation provides input into environmental decisions that not only incorporates different beliefs and stances towards a certain environmental topic, but also provides different forms of knowledge to the decision making process. Chapter 7 in Harding et al. 2009 really highlights the importance of public participation for implementing sound environmental policy. A key wrote from hardings book really highlights the overall view of the importance of public participation “public participation can assist sustainability because it enables collective judgments about what we ought to do in the face of multiple values and sets of interests” Harding et al 2009. I think the real struggle for successful public participation would steam from engage all relevant stakeholders. Disadvantaged stockholders could be seen ad the hardest to reach or the most easily over looked stakeholders. An important note taken from these this topic was the fact that engagement with all stakeholders does not necessarily lead to benifical outcome for all involved. But i think it would be best to realise that the the joint best outcome for all involved and the environment would be the main focus for EDM.

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