Data gathering and analysis

In recent years, there is an increasing numbers professors and scientists focus on addressing the environmental issues. Central to addressing the environmental issues is the data gathering and analysis. The most significant one is the post- normal science. This essay will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of post-normal science.

Post- normal science is used to manage the science-related issues. It mainly focusses on solving the issues by different methods. Comparing with traditional normal science, there are some benefits of the post- normal science. Firstly, there are some kinds of difficult issues, which cannot be solved by the normal science, can be solved by the post- normal science and those difficult issues can be boiled down to simple issues by the post- normal science. In other words, the post- normal science can combine different fields knowledge. Secondly, the post- normal science makes up a problem- solution system by different field knowledge. For example, the post- normal science is used to combine the complex systems and environmental policy in order to solve the environmental problems.

However, there are also some drawbacks. Firstly, the post- normal science is uncertain. Because the post- normal science combines the lay knowledge and expert knowledge. However, sometimes the lay knowledge is ex parte. Secondly, some people also concern about that sometimes the lay knowledge may be not valuable.

In conclusion, there are significant arguments both for and against the post- normal science. Having discussed both sides, it seems clear that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the post- normal science. If developing the post- normal science more systematized, the post- normal science may be more beneficial for addressing environmental issues.



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Funtowicz, S.; Ravetz, J. 1998, Post- normal science- environmental policy under conditions of complexity, UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

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