Data gathering and analysis: Unit 6

From the information outlined in unit 6. Im going to focus on the who behind knowledge and more specifically scientific knowledge and why some people don’t believe scientific knowledge. I will attempt to present a method of how you would include them with EMD process.

People who have the view points that science is wrong, corrupt or just a theory pose a problem for many environmental decision makers as to how can you incorporate their view points when making an environmental decision. To do this you have to identify the reasons behind their point of science is wrong which mainly comes from the view that it, science is just a theory or is corrupt or wrong. It comes down to their sociology of beliefs and values ( The beliefs of these people are deep rooted so changing their minds would not be a viable option. So instead i propose incorporating sociology principles into environmental decision making. By using an arrange of knowledge for environmental decision making we can provide the argument of a holistic decision that factors into a diverse range on knowledge.

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