What affects my decision making.

decision making

Despite the fact that the lecture focused on the analytical tools used in the EDM process, for some reason I found myself focusing on the behavioral tools.  How I should probably try and start using them more and how much they actually get used on me to influence the decisions I make.

As mentioned in an earlier blog consider myself to be a rational fact driven person and as such I would fall into the analytical tool using decision maker.  When I saw the analytical tools list there were a lot of old friends in there.  I also realized that I do sometimes use behavioral tools but more often than not, behavioral tools use me.

As the compliance manager at a previous job I used to joke that it was my role to ensure that we all didn’t go to gaol.  The decisions I made were made to meet various development consents, regulations, licenses and legislative Acts.

When giving senior management information to influence their decision making along with all the various analytical information (species used, frequency of monitoring and inspections etc.) there were a lot of “in order to meet clause 26 of DA4” and in compliance with the noxious weeds/EPBC/Foreshores/ etc Act.

Behavioral tools can be surprisingly effective as compared to the analytical.  After all facts don’t always change or influence peoples decisions.  Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you in so many different ways but people still took it up, and many people didn’t even think about giving it up.  Ever since legislation came into place restricting where you can smoke, and tax increases push the price ever higher less people take it up and more people at least think about quitting if not actually quit.

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