Rational Consensus


On slide four of this week’s lecture we saw the four steps of the Rational Decision Making process.  I cannot tell you how often step four has bitten me, solving problems ‘at least cost’.  The budgets for sites which need to be rehabilitated or remediated can be ridiculous depending on what needs to be done and as such the owner is always looking for a way of cutting costs.

I’m not talking about people dumping asbestos around the backstreets of Liverpool to avoid tip fees but rather actions such as selecting species to be used based on seed or plant cost.  You will still end up with a specific number of plants per hectare, and it will still be a woodland or forest or grassland but it could have been better if not for the cost factor.

This is where the consensus conference system has an advantage. Governments or businesses are held to a higher standard.  They can no longer just go with the cheapest option. On the downside depending on how the representatives are selected there could be some really……………. lets say unwise, decisions pushed through.

Although it always leaves me feeling powerless when a decision is made which I don’t agree with, be it politicians, in the workplace or at home big decisions shouldn’t be left up to random people. I still think that the public’s opinions should be taken into consideration and then depending on the severity of the situation, pushed aside to allow experts to make the final decision.  A new decision making system, perhaps we could call it a “Rational Consensus”.

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