Week five

Week 5 Unit 7 – Andrew Woodward

Blog post

I found two aspects of this week’s work particular interesting – one was ‘the science’ behind decision making and the cast range of alternative methods – and the second concerned the need to create alternatives.

The key lesson for me from the lecture was the need to ensure that you simply don’t keep going back to the same point of reference for evaluating issues. After bing in the workforce for a few years (decades!) its is easy to reply on tried and tested methods that you are useful and comfortable with. In essence, they are the easy option of things you can fall back on.

The second key thought from the reading on ‘creating alternatives’ was the lack of discussion on whether putting forward alternatives is a good idea, at all. There was reference for the need for ‘officer level’ staff to put forward many alternatives to senior management and senior management then takes forward to or three to the CEO, MD, Board or Minister, depending on the administrative process.

In my experience, some senior management recommends putting just one option forward for consideration and ensure that it has very strong reasons for being the only one put forward. That said, it is important to understanding the personalities and style of the CEO, Board, Minister, etc. Some may prefer to be given choices so they then can own the decision. So before considering alternatives and their number, it is important to understand the final decision making context.


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