Unit 10

I view the process of complex management and adaptive management as the process of combining the majority of themes from previous weeks which creates a framework that is needed to tackle difficult environmental decisions and implement sound environmental policies. By looking at the previous week’s topic, which included identifying stakeholders, public participation, data gathering, tools for looking ahead and decision making methodologies all are used to incorporate adaptive management. I think it is important to note the importance each of these topics have in achieving adaptive management. This can be especially highlighted by Allen et al (2011) which states “Adaptive management can foster resilience and flexibility to cope with an uncertain future and develop management approaches that acknowledge inevitable change”. I think this quote can be applied what I have understood from this week’s lecture with the accumulation of all aspects that are needed if adaptive management is going to be implemented.  I would also like to point out what I found interesting about the different approaches used through implementing adaptive management be it from experimental design, adaptive monitoring or iterative decision making.

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