Unit 12  Implementation and learning from the process.

While no blog post was specifically required for this unit, I thought the reading from the Overseas Development Institute was particularly excellent.

Having worked in listed entities, government departments and ministerial offices and been on the giving and receiving ends of policy influencing approaches, I found this discussion quite interesting.

There are a few things I would add to the discourse.

First, allow yourself a long time horizon for big policy changes. They take time, cost money are rime consuming, can retire a lot of support work (public opinion research, economic analysis, study tours, etc). But if you need a quick fix, keep an issue in the public spotlight… squeaky wheels get the most oil, as they say. A example of this is the NSW government backdown on the greyhound racing ban.

A second thought is the need t engage people who can assist you with the policy changing approach. There are:

Economic modelling agencies, like Deloitte Access Exonomics

Government, political and media affairs agencies, like Newgate, Gavin Anderson and Kreab, Hawker Britton and Barton Deakin

Industry associations (that you can tap into), like the Insurance Council, Property Council, Sustainable Development Australia, etc.

All three types of organisations can help practitioners shape their policy changing campaigns.

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