IES Internship students for 2015 :

We have had five research interns participating in the course IEST5004 in 2015. Click on their names for sample blogs on their chosen projects:

Alexandra Auhl
Candice Johnsun
Emma Norrie
Nicholas Phoon
Samantha Miller

 IES Internship students for SP 1 2014 are:

– Andrea Rodriguez Garzon
Research topic: Australian mining management tools and its applicability towards the sustainable development of Chocó-Colombia

Andrea Rodriguez Garzon

– Jane Lambert
Research Topic: Citizen science tools for flora and fauna conservation in the Blue Mountains


Ailin Sun
Research Topic: An overview of fossil fuel restrictive policies and measures employed by Australia’s largest fossil fuel export partners

– Daniel Hilson
Research Topic: How can microgrids best contribute to reduction in greenhouse gases in high density urban contexts? 

Daniel Hilson

– Joshelyn Paredes
Research Topic: Mining, agriculture eco-innovation and biodiversity offsets in the Upper Hunter: a framework for best practice operationalization


– Louise de Mattia
Research Topic: The financing and funding of feasible and effective coastal management projects by NSW local governments


– Tim Smith
Research Topic: Rewilding projects: lessons on how to make them work for people and biodiversity (provisional)


Mario Paredes Campana
Research  Topic: How increased efficiency in stakeholder participation could breed higher levels of empowerment?

Black Lindley
Research  Topic: Social Life Cycle Assessment

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