Nicolas Francois – Day 5

This day was less focused on the National Park itself and its biodiversity but more on the urban interface and fire management. It was a day with highs and lows in terms of motivation!

Nicolas Francois – Day 4

This day was another unbelievably eventful day, while it started slow due to the weather it peaked up all throughout the day and was mostly marked by a sense of enjoyment of the Blue Mountains and looking at the positive side of what is still alive and well around us.

Nicolas Francois – Day 3

Fantastic day and a huge amount of data- some captured in notebook but a lot just covered during bushwalk. Here are my top 3 points:

Nicolas Francois – Day 2

A key aspect from the introduction to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area is the diversity of “participants” (I actually prefer the term stakeholders because I believe if that everyone has an interest, or stake, whether they admit it or not- and sometimes this interest is aligned with the common interest) It’s quite a…

Nicolas Francois – Day 1

A key benefit of diversity is resilience- with the threat of climate change being more and more on us this is a key element for adaptation to our new environment. Genetic diversity is part of biodiversity-this raises questions: At what stage is a species condemned because of having not enough individuals? How long does it…